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Early Sproul log cabin at Locust Grove

Early Western Virginia "Sproul" Families
Sproul, Sprowl, Sproule, Sprouls, and Sproull

The pre-1800 settlers of Western Virginia (Augusta County at that time) included at least ten different Scots-Irish "Sproul" families. Their names were variously spelled and continually misspelled including, Sproul, Sprowl, Sproule, Sprouls, and Sproull. At least six of these families were in today's Augusta County and the others were nearby in what are now Highland, Rockbridge, Wythe, and Washington counties. Most of these "Sproul" families dispersed westward throughout our developing country in the early 1800's, resettling in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Texas. This genealogy first addresses those ten families and presents all known source reference documentation on their early period in this document. (click on title)

Locust Grove - 1765 Homestead of Scots-Irish Settler William Sproul
~ Brick House built circa 1806 ~

Sproul Family of Early Augusta County, Virginia
— the Middlebrook William Sproul Family

The main purpose of this website is to present this genealogical documentation of the family of Scots-Irish Settler William Sproul of Locust Grove near Middlebrook, Virginia, many of whose descendants still live in Augusta County. This document is directly linked to source documentation and a wealth of interesting family stories and other information about our ancestors. (click on title)

Sproul Family Letters
— Letters and Papers from Locust Grove

Many Sproul family letters and documents have been hidden away at Locust Grove for years, dating back to before the Civil War. These documents contain fascinating stories of loving relationships, life in the Confederate Army, school and college interests and activities of young folks, and family illnesses and deaths. These papers are now available to all family members. (click on title)


Ewing Families of Early Augusta County, Virginia
including Susanna Ewing's Family of Monroe County, West Virginia

Settler William Sproul had five children with Jane his first wife, and ten more with Susanna Ewing, his second wife and mother of the Locust Grove children. Jane's family is unknown, but Susanna is known to be of the James Ewing family of what is now Monroe County, West Virginia. The Susanna Ewing family information is the first chapter of a more general document covering the four contemporary and sometimes confusing Ewing families of this area. (click on title above)

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There are about 150 reference citations with about 100 of these source reference documents directly available in this web site or by direct hyperlink to the web. While the Firefox browser generally links you to these references, some operating systems and browsers do not make the linkage. If you have difficulties with linkages, please contact the author (William Sprroul at sproul3@frontier.com) to request access to a shared data site which contains this full genealogy and is accessed and executed entirely under Adobe Reader without involving a web browser.

The Author

I am William White Sproul III, great-great-great grandson of the Scots-Irish settler, William Sproul, and his second wife, Susanna Ewing. Recently retired from the world of computers and electronic systems for commercial, government, space, and defense applications, I've found exploring family genealogy to be most fascinating and conducted under a totally different set of ground rules: generally undefined, vague, misleading, ambiguous, and conflicting - all of which adds to the challenge. I look forward to exchanging views and family information with all readers of this site.

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